10 Awesome Free Table jQuery Plugins

If you want to create a HTML table with unique looking design yet powerful for managing and displaying your data on your websites, you can use a free table jQuery plugin which you can found in this post. Hopefully this list of free jQuery plugin is useful for you, also check out a free responsive jQuery slider plugins in our previous post.

CRUD Table Directive

CRUD Table Directive

CRUD-Table directive Website authentication with a directive to interact easily with the most common tasks of database (Create, Read, Update, Delete, Filter, Sort, Export) with just a single line of code.

[ Demo + Download ]

1. Handsontable HTML & jQuery Excel-like Table

Author: Marcin Warpechowski | License: MIT License

[ Demo | Download ]

Plugin Description : Handsontable is a free Excel-like table editor jQuery plugin built in HTML and Runs in IE 8, IE 9, IE 10, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

2. FooTable jQuery plugin

Author: Fooplugins | License: –

[ Demo | Download ]

Plugin Description :FooTable is a free table jQuery plugin that aims to make HTML tables on smaller devices look awesome. The FooTable jQuery plugin will allow you to hide certain columns on smaller devices, but still allowing the user to expand each row to see the columns that were hidden.

3. DataTables Free jQuery plug-in

Author: DataTables | License: GPL v2 license / BSD  license

[ Demo | Download ]

Plugin Description : DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, which will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table.

4. Fixed Header Table

Author: Mark Malek | License: MIT License

[ Demo | Download ]

Plugin Description : Fixed Header Table in its simplest form displays a fixed header for any valid table mark-up. This plugin is meant to be lightweight, easy to use and performance.

5. jQuery Treetable

Author: Ludo van den Boom | License: MIT & GPL v2

[ Demo | Download ]

Plugin Description : jQuery treetable is a table plugin for jQuery for displaying a tree in an HTML table.

6. jQuery Scrollable Table Plugin

Author: farinspace | License: –

[ Demo | Download ]

Plugin Description : jQuery Scrollable Table Plugin converts a properly formatted table, having thead and tbody elements (tfoot optional), into a scrollable table.

7. Stupid jQuery Table Sort Plugin

Author: joequery | License: MIT license

[ Demo | Download ]

Plugin Description : Stupid jQuery Table Sort Plugin is a lightweight jQuery table sorting plugin.

8. HighCharts graphs Table jQuery Plugin

Author: agallou | License: MIT license

[ Demo | Download ]

Plugin Description : With this highcharts graphs table jQuery plugin you can convert HTML tables to HighCharts graphs using HTML5 data.

9. Sticky Table Headers

Author: Jonas Mosbech | License: –

[ Demo | Download ]

Plugin Description : By applying the StickyTableHeaders jQuery plugin to the table, the column headers will stick to the top of the viewport as you scroll down.

10. jTable jQuery plugin

Author: Halil ibrahim Kalkan | License: –

[ Demo | Download ]

Plugin Description : jTable is a powerful jQuery plugin that you can download for free for creating AJAX based CRUD tables without coding HTML or JavaScript.


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