Kite WebMail: Gmail Clone

Kite webmail is an opensource that you can use for creating Gmail clone on your own server. it can display the emails in your mailbox, display individual messages with simple and faster. Kite webmail is written in JavaScript with Angularjs for the front-end, and in Python 2 for the back-end.

If you love Gmail and you decided to set up my own mail server, then Kite is perfect for you. To install Kite webmail, you’ll need to have vagrant installed.

Kite WebMail Features

  1. Spam-assassin
  2. Postfix for email handling
  3. Gmail Style
  4. Threading message
  5. Dovecot for IMAP

Kite WebMail Screenshot

Kite WebMail Details and Download Page

Author : Karim Hamidou

Plugin Name : Kite WebMail

License : BSD-licensed

Documentation :

Requirements: Vagrant

Demo Plugin / Template :

Download : Click Here


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