This category features the best website plugin, extension and PHP scripts for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other related CMS applications. We also presents useful jQuery plugins for developing a web application faster and easier.

json-schema Free PHP Script by justinrainbow

json schema PHP script by justinrainbow. PHP implementation of JSON schema. Fork of the project ,.

PHPExcel Free PHP Script by PHPOffice

PHPExcel PHP script by PHPOffice. A pure PHP library for reading and writing spreadsheet files, PHPExcel - OpenXML - Read, Write and Create spreadsheet

ffmpeg-php Free PHP Script by CodeScaleInc

ffmpeg PHP script by CodeScaleInc. FFmpegPHP is a pure OO PHP port of ffmpeg-php writter in C. It adds an easy to use, object-oriented

yar Free PHP Script by laruence

yar PHP script by laruence. Light, concurrent RPC framework for PHP & C (java, python etc will be supported soon), of robust whitelists

sublime-worksheet Free PHP Script by jcartledge

sublime worksheet PHP script by jcartledge. An inline REPL for JavaScript, PHP, Ruby & more in Sublime Text 2 and 3, It's great for

rocketeer Free PHP Script by Anahkiasen

rocketeer PHP script by Anahkiasen. A fast and easy deployer for the PHP world, I recommend you checkout this Getting Started guide before anything.

gantti Free PHP Script by bastianallgeier

gantti PHP script by bastianallgeier. A simple PHP Gantt Class,, Gantti.

Laravel4-Vagrant Free PHP Script by bryannielsen

Laravel4 Vagrant PHP script by bryannielsen. Run Laravel4 inside a Ubuntu 12.04 Vagrant Virtual Machine w/PHP 5.5, Note: You may have to change permissions

scalar_objects Free PHP Script by nikic

scalar objects PHP script by nikic. Extension that adds support for method calls on primitive types in PHP,.

PHP-Parser Free PHP Script by nikic

PHP Parser PHP script by nikic. A PHP parser written in PHP, Basically, the parser does nothing more than turn some PHP code into

predis Free PHP Script by nrk

predis PHP script by nrk. Flexible and feature-complete PHP client library for Redis, You can refer to our FAQ for a list of frequently

phpunit-selenium Free PHP Script by sebastianbergmann

phpunit selenium PHP script by sebastianbergmann. Selenium RC integration for PHPUnit, To run the test suite for this package, you should serve selenium-1-tests via

sublime-jsdocs Free PHP Script by spadgos

sublime jsdocs PHP script by spadgos. Simplifies writing DocBlock comments in Javascript, PHP, CoffeeScript, Actionscript, C & C++, DocBlockr is a package for.

prophecy Free PHP Script by phpspec

prophecy PHP script by phpspec. Highly opinionated mocking framework for PHP 5.3+, Prophecy is a highly opinionated yet very powerful and flexible PHP o.

Ruler Free PHP Script by bobthecow

Ruler PHP script by bobthecow. A simple stateless production rules engine for PHP 5.3+,.