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Instagram-PHP-API Free PHP Script by macuenca

Instagram API PHP script by macuenca. A PHP implementation of the official Instagram API, This is a very simple instagram API implementation in

datasources Free PHP Script by cakephp

datasources PHP script by cakephp. CakePHP Datasources, Datasource plugin datasources can be used either through App::import of by defining them in your da.

Mink Free PHP Script by Behat

Mink PHP script by Behat. PHP 5.3+ acceptance test framework for web applications, Mink.

PHP-Minecraft-Query Free PHP Script by xPaw

PHP Minecraft Query PHP script by xPaw. PHP Class to query Minecraft servers, Before using this class, you need to make sure that your

php-o Free PHP Script by jsebrech

php o PHP script by jsebrech. O-syntax for PHP, You can use composer to install "jsebrech/o", and then load it like this:.

sosumi Free PHP Script by tylerhall

sosumi PHP script by tylerhall. A PHP client for Apple's Find My iPhone service. This allows you to programmatically retrieve your phone's current locat.

awesome-php Free PHP Script by ziadoz

awesome PHP script by ziadoz. A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things., Libraries for package and dependency man.

simple-php-framework Free PHP Script by tylerhall

simple framework PHP script by tylerhall. The Simple PHP Framework, The library was used for the PHP examples of RabbitMQ in Action and

Behat Free PHP Script by Behat

Behat PHP script by Behat. BDD framework for PHP 5.3+,.

PHPMailer Free PHP Script by PHPMailer

PHPMailer PHP script by PHPMailer. The classic email sending library for PHP, Many PHP developers utilize email in their code. The only PHP function

GUMP Free PHP Script by Wixel

GUMP PHP script by Wixel. A fast, extensible & stand-alone PHP input validation class that allows you to validate any data, Methods available:.

PHP-URL-Shortener Free PHP Script by briancray

PHP URL Shortener PHP script by briancray. Originally written as a hugely successful blog entry--it's time for others to branch and have fun,

phpsh Free PHP Script by facebook

phpsh PHP script by facebook. phpsh is a read-eval-print-loop for php that features readline history, tab completion, and quick access to documentatio.

GearmanManager Free PHP Script by brianlmoon

GearmanManager PHP script by brianlmoon. PHP daemon for managing gearman workers, CSS-Crush is a standards inspired preprocessor designed to enable a modern

statuspanic Free PHP Script by allynbauer

statuspanic PHP script by allynbauer. A PHP clone of Panic's status board, Of special note is the 'rotate' option. You may specify this to