PHP Scripts Archive

libphutil Free PHP Script by facebook

libphutil PHP script by facebook. A collection of PHP utility classes, libphutil is a collection of utility classes and functions for PHP. Some

TMDb-PHP-API Free PHP Script by glamorous

TMDb API PHP script by glamorous. PHP Class for using TMDb ( API. Because of IMDB hasn't an API we provide this PHP5

cocoafob Free PHP Script by glebd

cocoafob PHP script by glebd. A set of registration code generation and verification helpers for Obj-C, Ruby (Potion Store), PHP and FastSpring, XSS.

sendgrid-php Free PHP Script by sendgrid

sendgrid PHP script by sendgrid. SendGrid ( PHP helper library.,.

php-facedetection Free PHP Script by mauricesvay

php facedetection PHP script by mauricesvay. Detect face in images in pure PHP,.

phpmyadmin Free PHP Script by phpmyadmin

phpmyadmin PHP script by phpmyadmin. phpMyAdmin itself, PHP framework written in c and built as a PHP extension., Yaf - Yet Another Framework.

Underscore.php Free PHP Script by brianhaveri

Underscore PHP script by brianhaveri. PHP port of Underscore.js, For docs, license, tests, change log, and downloads, see:

minify Free PHP Script by mrclay

minify PHP script by mrclay. Mirror for Minify codebase. Minify is a PHP5 app that helps you follow several rules for client-side performance. It

git-php Free PHP Script by josegonzalez

git PHP script by josegonzalez. A simple git-php project that enables github-like functionality with a not-so-bad stylesheet :), I found a few classes,.

PHP-Router Free PHP Script by dannyvankooten

PHP Router PHP script by dannyvankooten. Simple PHP Router class (supports REST and reverse routing), Have a look at the example.php file or read

PIV Free PHP Script by spf13

PIV PHP script by spf13. PHP Integration environment for Vim, It doesn't attempt to include the best programming plugins, so you can use the

pinterest.api.php Free PHP Script by kellan

pinterest api PHP script by kellan. unofficial PHP bindings for the unreleased Pinterest API, Alternately if you already have an access token,.

phpbrowscap Free PHP Script by GaretJax

phpbrowscap PHP script by GaretJax. Standalone replacement for php's native get_browser() function, Please see changelog for a list of recent changes. (huge.

httpful Free PHP Script by nategood

httpful PHP script by nategood. A Chainable, REST Friendly, PHP HTTP Client. A sane alternative to cURL.,.

expressive-date Free PHP Script by jasonlewis

expressive date PHP script by jasonlewis. A fluent extension to PHPs DateTime class., , Expressive Date.