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A great collections of free online tools by WebDesignity that useful for bloggers, web designer and developers. No registration or sign up required to use our online tools. Feel free to bookmark and share our tools to your friends or in your blog post.

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SEO Tools

A list of great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) free online tools for improving your website visibility and better search engines rank web pages.  

Broken Link Checker

Extract all links of your web page and find or fix a broken links that may causing your site getting penalized by Google.

Link Extractor

This tool will help you to identify the number of outgoing links of your web page.

Domain Tools

As we know, finding the best domain name for your business is extremely time consuming work. By using this easy-to-use free online tools, you can save your valuable time in finding a unique domain name.

Free Bulk Domain Name Check Tool

Quickly check and search a multiple domain name available with our bulk domain checker tool.

Hack Domain Name Generator

Enter your word or domain name you want and this free tools will generating a unique domain name for you using sub-domains and ccTLD. Perfect for finding a domain name for URL shortner sites.

Typo Domain Name Generator

As same as above, this domain tools will generate a random domain name by using common typing errors and misspelling words.

Domain IP Lookup

Get the IP address of some website domain or by using an IP adress to find the name of website.


Our Whois online tool will help you to find a registrar information or website owner name, registrar email address, current status domain, etc.

Web Development Tools

The list of free online tools for web development needs and also to keep the functionality and accessibility of your website or server.

DNS Server Lookup

Display all DNS server information of your website such as name server records and CNAME.

Ping Tester

This is one of our best and free online tool to test the reachability and measure the round-trip time of a web host, domain and IP Address.

Port Scanner

This port scanner online tool is often used by webmaster to verify security issues of their website.

Web Designer Tools

(Coming Soon) A list of free online tools for web designers that useful to save their time in web design projects.

Other Online Tools

Another great online tools you might find useful or interesting.

Whats My IP

Check and find your current number of IP Address computer with our online IP tool.