Broken Link Checker

If you care about SEO and page rank of your website, this free broken link checker tool will help you to find a dead link and avoid getting penalized from Google because too many 404 errors not found pages. in addition to SEO issues, this free broken link checker also can help you to improve the user experience of your site by minimize the link that does not work any more on your website.

A broken link on your website can be caused by several reasons such as, permalink or URL change, moving to a new web host, another site links to the old of your website page not knowing it’s been moved or removed, improperly coded link tags, etc.

This online broken link checker will crawl your page and displaying the internal link, please note this tool also identify your “noindex” page, blocked or forbidden by robots.txt as broken link.

Just enter the URL you want to check, then set the time between each request (default is 1 second) and get the result. This broken link checker may be working a little longer depending on the number of links that are on your website page, so please be patient.