40+ Best URL Shortener Websites

Every person share their particular website links on social media network, however it may be a pain as soon as your URL is quite long as it creates the post less tidy, especially if you are using twitter. URL shortening is a method in the World Wide Web in which a standard resource locator could be made greatly shorter in length and still direct into the needed page.

Although mask of the root website address may be desired for reputable company or individual reasons, it is available to abuse as well as this explanation, some URL shortening companies have discovered by themselves on spam blacklists, because of the utilization of their redirect solutions by web sites wanting to bypass those exact same blacklists. Some internet sites, such as for example is.gd, avoid quick, redirected URLs from becoming published.

URL shortener are really quick to dismiss. You might recognize your link had been instantly shortened whenever submitting on a social networking website, however you get regarding the time as it appears good. When you develop a URL Shortening service you possibly can make your own personal in accordance with your preferences.

If you searching for alternative URL shortener like goo.gl, you are in the right place. Listed here are most popular 40 URL shortener in no certain order. They are being among the most popular URL shortener available to you, and additionally they provide services like statistics, traffic monitoring, website integration and much more.


taps.io url shortener

Track your App Store link

Website: Taps.io



URL Shortener called STMBL – stmbl.xyz.

Homepage: STMBL.xyz


whaa.tk url shortener

Homepage: Whaa.tk


alpennic url shortener

Free URL-forwarding, domain-forwarding, URL-Cloaking, free favicon-selection and free E-mail-forwarding.

Website: AlpenNIC


getdata url shortener

getdata is a online solution for shorten your link and share on social network but you can also bookmarket some link to your account and determine your record (shorten link) if you like.

getData supply also real-time figure from your own shorten link and you may understand large amount of information on your audience.

Homepage: getData



TinyArro.ws helps make the earth’s littlest links from your own long links.

Homepage: TinyArrows

Google URL Shortener

google url shortener

Google URL Shortener shortens very long links to ensure they are much easier for revealing.

Homepage: Google URL Shortener


tinyurl url shortener

Are you currently fed up with publishing URLs in email messages simply to contain it break when delivered resulting in the individual to need to cut and paste it straight back collectively? Then youve come into the correct spot.

By entering in a URL when you look at the text field here, we shall produce a tiny URL that won’t break-in email postings rather than expires.

Website: TinyURL


bit.ly url shortener

Shorten URLs from everywhere with bit.ly. Little Bit.

Homepage: bit.ly


smallurl url shortener

Shorten URLs with a click of a button.

Homepage: SmallURL


to.tc url shortener

TO.TC is an URL shortener.

Website: TO.TC



Set your shortened links to self destruct

Homepage: Dyinglink


longurl url shortener

LongURL provides a typical API for broadening URLs which were shortened with a site like TinyURL.

Website: LongURL


abrge.eu url shortener

Abrege is a url shortener which allows to produce short back links, qr code, but additionally enables you to pick your custom alias, to safeguard your back links with a password, to focus on site visitors geographically providing another type of website landing page for virtually any country, follow your link stats and a lot more, take a visit, it really is free.

Website: Abrège.eu

Akari Link Shortener

akari link shortener

Anime-themed URL shortener.

Website: Akari Link Shortener

Lessn More

lessn  more url shortener

Lessn More is a fork of Lessn with support for lots more kinds of short URLs than Lessn supported; stats; as well as other improvements.

Homepage: Lessn Much More

HIVE URL Shortener

hive url shortener

HIVE enables you to reduce URLs, share them, and produce a stats page easily.

Homepage: HIVE URL Shortener


archive.today url shortener

Archive.today lets you “take a photo” of a webpage which will continually be readily available even if the first page changes or perhaps is erased.

Homepage: archive.today


yourls url shortener

YOURLS is a couple of PHP script that will allow one to run your own URL shortener, a los angeles TinyURL/bit.

Homepage: YOURLS

Open URL Shortener

open url shortener

Start URL Shortener is a site that shortens URLs such as for instance web addresses, this can be beneficial in numerous circumstances e.g. in Twitter or perhaps in email consumers that break lengthy URLs, for instance, you are able to turn:

Homepage: Start URL Shortener


giv.to url shortener

Giv.to is a URL shortener for reasons, non-profits, and governmental Campaigns.

Homepage: Giv.to



Make money for every single visitor to your shortened back links with adf.ly!

Homepage: adf.ly


lessn url shortener

Lessn is an extremely simple, private url shortener printed in PHP with MySQL and mod_rewrite.

Homepage: Lessn


gp.gg url shortener

Fastest URL shortener in the marketplace. We miss out the bullshit.

Website: gp.gg


gcash url shortener

Make money for every customer to your shortened links with GCa.sh!

Website: GCash


po.st url shortener

Shorten. Share. Socialize.

Homepage: Po.st


untiny url shortener

Untiny: Extract the first URL Behind The Brief URL.

Homepage: Untiny


linkredirector url shortener

Linkredirector lets you utilize one dynamic quick link to route visitors to multiple destinations, with real-time data.

Homepage: Linkredirector



Make $$$ for making use of a URL Shortener.

Website: Linkbucks


multiurl url shortener

MultiURL helps make the means of revealing multiple tiny url links at the same time much faster and simpler by combining these back links into one short link. The best in url shortener.

Homepage: MultiUrl


peekurl url shortener

Website: PeekURL



Unshortn expands shortlinks off to make sure they are readable. Forget about surprises!

Homepage: Unshortn



Ow.ly – Shorten urls, share files and track visits.

Homepage: Ow.ly


polr url shortener

An open source URL shortener. A fantastic non-profit and free option to bit.ly, TinyURL, or goo.gl.

Homepage: Polr



Your very own web site with your free domain, free email details, free webspace, no prices!

Website: EuropNIC


shorte.st url shortener

Utilize shorte.st link shortener to help make money online. We purchase each visitor to yourshort link.

Website: Shorte.st



tny.im URL, email and Bitcoin address shortener.

Homepage: tny.im


snipli url shortener

Snipli.com Offers a Wide Variety of Services Including URL Masking, Bulk URL Shortening, Advanced Targeting Solutions plus much more.

Website: Snipli



Will you be tired of sharing long URL’s to your pals?

Homepage: Foldhe.re



Shorten long websites easily and quickly, without any subscription required.

Website: is.gd


kay.so url shortener

Kay.so provides a free and simple URL Shortening Service that delivers publicly readily available stats with no individual registration.

Homepage: Kay.so



URL capsulation, shortener, reroute, sharing, analytics and administration tool

Homepage: Capsulink


tiny.cc url shortener

Changes a large URL into tiny URL.

Website: tiny.cc

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