Web Form Design (10 Inspiring Examples)

A web form is an important part of a website that facilitates user activity in your site. Therefore, it is really important to create a web form design that is easy to use with friendly user interface design. There are many of usability of web forms, the most common is for user registration, login, email subscription form, entering data, contact page, ordering and shipping process online and so forth.

If you are a web designer, there are a lot of free design resource and inspiration to find an ideas of web form design, you also can use a free graphic like form PSD template that you can download for free, or you can searching a CSS form snippets that you can use directly on your website . In today post, we want to show you 10 web form design examples that may be useful for you to get an inspiration and new ideas.

The definition of Form (HTML) from Wikipedia, A webform, web form or HTML form on a web page allows a user to enter data that is sent to a server for processing. Forms can resemble paper or database forms because web users fill out the forms using checkboxes, radio buttons, or text fields.

1. Hulu Sign up form

Designer: Hulu

Web Form Page: https://secure.hulu.com/signup

2. Treehouse Sign up form

Designer: Treehouse

Web Form Page: https://teamtreehouse.com/subscribe/new

3. Evernote Registration Web Form Design

Designer: Evernote

Web Form Page: http://www.evernote.com/Registration.action

4. HitTail! Sign Up Web Form Design

Designer: HitTail!

Web Form Page: https://www.hittail.com/register.asp

5. Launchlist Pro

Designer: Launchlist Pro

Web Form Page: http://launchlist.net/sign-up

6. Qik Registration Form

Designer: Qik

Web Form Page: https://qik.com/basic/users/new

7. Airbnb login web form

Designer: Airbnb

Web Form Page: https://www.airbnb.com/login

8. Virb

Designer: Virb

Web Form Page: http://virb.com/login

9. Circuit Of The Americas mailing list form

Designer: circuitoftheamericas

Web Form Page: http://circuitoftheamericas.com/email

10. 13 creative Email Subcribtion Web Form Design

Designer: 13 creative

Web Form Design Page: http://www.13creative.com/

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