6 Best Domain Name Search Tools

To find the right domain name for both your personal or business website can take a considerable amount of time. For that, in this post we would like to present the best domain name search tools with a features that allow you to find a unique domain name for you. All of these tools are free to use without any registration requirements.

Domain name is like a brand or identity of your website, like or not you will continue to use it until you have a very popular business that are known by many peoples, then you will find it hard to change your domain name (If you are bored with the name or another reason that requires you change your domain name) because of the risk and substantial losses. If you don’t want that to happen, then it is really important for you to find, select and decide the best domain name for your website, you do it easely by using this domain name search tool.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to do if you are looking for available domains with popular word, especially for top-level domain extension such as .com, .net and .org. Alternatively you can use other domain extensions like a country code top-level domain.

Another solution is you can adding some letter or number to your domain name (can be in front or the last word of your domain), and the best domain name search tools listed here will allow you to search for a domain names with related synonyms or words, bulk domain checker with  letters and numbers (prefix & suffix) and other related name suggestions you might interested.

1. Domize – Domain Name Search

Domize is one of my favorite online tool to find and search a domain name faster and easier. Domize is really easy to use with simple user interface website that allow you to search quickly and in complete privacy (encrypted over SSL). every time you write the letters of the domain name that you want to check, the tool automatically checks every word detail with a domain name that is available (or not available). it is also easier for you to search for another domain name suggestion which may fit with what you want.

2. Hack Domain Name Generator

The hack domain name tool is one of our free online tools that help you to generate word, phrase, or name of your domain using subdomains, ccTLD and TLD.

3. Bust a Name

Bust a Name is a bulk domain name search tool with word combiner to find a unique domain name available, Bust a Name was created to try to fix both of these problems and help you manage web site related things easier.

Bust a Name is free tool that combined linguistic data with a unique user interface to let you find quickly search through thousands of domains and see which are available.

4. Short / Single-word Domain Search

Short word domain search is the best solution for webmaster to find a great domain name for URL or link shortening service website. If you don’t want to use this tool, you can also pick one of nice domain name list on the front page.

5. Typo Domain Name Search Tool

Typo domain name search tool is perfect tool to help you to find the best domain name for your site and protect your domain brand, trademark and copyright associated with common typing errors.

6. DomainsBot

DomainsBot is a free domain name search tool with better synonyms word, related keywords, alternative name suggestion.

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