8 Free Health PHP Scripts

Are you looking for free PHP health scripts for developing a web based applications such as online diabetes diet counter, calorie burning calculator PHP scripts, food management? Or just want to develop a medical record for hospital management such as patients data, diagnosis, diseases, symptoms, etc. Here we present 8 useful PHP scripts for your app projects.

1. Calorie Queen PHP Script

Author: nafwa

[ Demo | Download ]

Description : Calorie Queen PHP Script is a food management system that displays the nutrition facts for foods. You can download the USDA database which has thousands of foods for starters

2. Symptoms and Diseases Database

Author: BigProf Software

[ Download ]

Description : Symptoms-and-diseases-database (SADDB) is a web/intranet application written in PHP that can be used as a database for storing patients data, diseases, and symptoms. Using it is as simple as defining diseases, symptoms and patients.

3. OpenEMR

Author: Brady Miller

[ Download ]

Description : OpenEMR is a Free Health PHP Script for medical practice management application (EHR EMR PMS) featuring fully integrated electronic health records, scheduling, electronic billing, internationalization and much more.

4. Calorie Burning Calculator Health PHP Script

Author: my-health-and-fitness

[ Download ]

Description : The Calorie Burning Calculator is a Free Health PHP Script, nicely-formatted online calculator to help your web site visitors calculate how many calories they require a day to maintain their body weight, or basal metabolic rate (BMR).

5. CX Healthcare Quotes

Author: k7

[ Download ]

Description : CX Healthcare Quotes is a very simple free php script who display random healthcare quotes.

6. Daily Diabetes Diet Counter PHP Script

Author: my-health-and-fitness

[ Download ]

Description : The Daily Diabetes Diet Counter PHP Script is a nice little JavaScript tool that allows your web site visitors to count their calorie, starch, vegetable, fruit, milk, meat and fat intake throughout the day.

7. Quality Health Record

Author: healthquilt

[ Download ]

Description : Quality Health Record PHP Script is a product initially developed by YourDoctorProgram. It is further improved by HealthQuilt Lab and distributed under GNU-GPL. For training, development & integration into other EMRs

8. GaiaEHR Beta Electronic Health Record

Author: GaiaEHR

[ Demo | Download ]

Description : GaiaEHR (Electronic Health Records) is a Open source Web-Based Software for Prescription writing and medical billing application, Medic Practice management, Electronic Medical Records.

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