HTML5 Tutorials for Web Development (10 Fresh Tutorials)

A list of fresh and new HTML5 tutorials from some web development blog that useful for you in learning and deepen the use of HTML5 in the latest web technologies. If you are a beginners who want to learn more about HTML5, in this post we also highlight an article about brief and simple explanation of HTML5 you need to know as a web developers.

I hope this list of HTML5 tutorials is useful for you to improve the knowledge, techniques and skills you have, both in the apps website development and web based games.

1. Caching forms using HTML5 local storage

Author : Jonny Schnittger

Tutorial Description: In this tutorial we’ll be utilizing the HTML5 local Storage mechanism to store the current state of a form. This means that when the page is reloaded or the user re-opens the page after closing it the form will be populated with the previous values.

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2. Add Scripting an HTML5 Web Application Using the Maqetta Editor

Author : Rob Gravelle

Tutorial Description: we learned how to add scripting an HTML5 web application and work with Dojo DateTextBox control properties to change the date display format, wrote validation code, and got better aquainted with the Palette and Property tabs of the Maqetta editor.

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3. HTML5 Limitation API for Form Validation

Author : refes31

Tutorial Description: an overview of the HTML5 constraint validation API as well as discuss how to use it in your projects regarding creating greater web kinds.

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4. HTML5 Tutorial: Comparing and contrasting ins, del, and s

Author : Oli Studholme

Tutorial Description: Since the mists of HTML 2 we’ve been able to semantically indicate added or removed information using the elements <ins> and <del> respectively. I’ll also compare and contrast <del> with <s>, recently out of font style rehab and back in HTML5.

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5. What You Should Know About HTML 5

Author : avisualidentity

Tutorial Description: A simple explanation of what HTML 5 is and what it has to offer.

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6. HTML5 JavaScript Gem Game With Saved Scoreboard

Author : Jonny Schnittger

Tutorial Description: In this HTML5 Tutorial you learn how to create HTML5 JavaScript Gem Game using only pure JavaScript and CSS.

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7. Key Differences Between HTML4 and HTML5

Author : margarette crystal

Tutorial Description: Here is a list of differences between the two standards (HTML4 and HTML5) which every Web Dev or an Old Pro should be familiar with

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8. Create slick HTML5 animations

Author : Martin Gorner

Tutorial Description:  Guided tour of the four HTML5 animations tutorial technologies the modern web has to offer to help you decide which one is right for your project.

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9. Create A HTML5 Mario-Style Platformer Game

Author : Fariazz

Tutorial Description: In this HTML5 Tutorial we’ll create a simple Mario-style platformer using the Quintus HTML5 game framework, which allows you to speed up the construction of a simple and playable prototype.

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10. HTML5 Aside Tag Tutorial

Author : Adam Wills

Tutorial Description: HTML5 Aside Tag Using Tutorial to Reference Auxiliary Content

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Let us know if you have other useful HTML5 tutorials that we missed in this post, Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.

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