Pimple Free PHP Script by fabpot

Pimple is a free PHP script by fabpot. A small PHP 5.3 dependency injection container, Pimple Pimple is a small Dependency Injection Container for PHP 5.3 that consists of just one file and one class (about 80 lines of code). Download it, require it in your code, and you’re good to go require_once ‘/path/to/Pimple.php’; Creating a container is a matter of instating the Pimple class $container = new Pimple(); As many other dependency injection containers, Pimple is able to manage two different kind of data: services and parameters..

Pimple PHP Scripts Details / Download Page

Author : fabpot

Website : http://brianhaveri.github.com/Underscore.php

Plugin Name : Pimple PHP Script

Documentation : https://github.com/fabpot/Pimple

Download : Click Here

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