This category features the best website plugin, extension and PHP scripts for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other related CMS applications. We also presents useful jQuery plugins for developing a web application faster and easier.

Kite WebMail: Gmail Clone

Kite webmail is an opensource that you can use for creating Gmail clone on your own server. it can display the emails in your mailbox, display individual

5 Free Polls & Voting PHP Scripts

A free polls and voting PHP website script that you can use to build a user feedback, online survey and question on your site. To

7 Best Online Chat WordPress Plugins

Provide the best support for your costumers or website’s visitors is one of the most important thing to keep a trust and professionalism of

SCM Free Music Player Web Script

SCM music player is a free web script that support MP3, YouTube, HTML5 or flash. If you want to use SCM Music Player on your

9 Best Custom Field & Form Builder WordPress Plugins

A custom field or form is needed to receive an input data from a users who visit your website, this is absolutely necessary for

5 Free HTML5 Lightbox Plugins

Here is a collections of the free jQuery HTML5 lightbox plugins that you can use for your website to showcase your photos in beautiful

7 Best WordPress Flickr Plugins

As we know, Flick is an awesome social photo sharing network that you can use for free, if you want to add some Flickr

4 Useful WordPress Broken Link Checker Plugins

Reducing a broken or dead links is one of the most important part to improve your website’s SEO and user experience. By using WordPress plugin,

8 Free PHP Login Scripts

In this post, you’ll find a free PHP login script that you can use to create a usable user login form on your site.

10 Awesome Free Table jQuery Plugins

If you want to create a HTML table with unique looking design yet powerful for managing and displaying your data on your websites, you

Top 9 Security WordPress Plugins

WordPress is currently the world’s most popular CMS that are always up-to-date with a new features and fixes minor/mayor security issue, because WordPress is very vulnerable

5 Free ASP Upload Scripts

Here is 5 useful and free ASP upload scripts that you can use for generating upload system or form on your web page. You

7 Useful HTML5 Video WordPress Plugins

HTML5 video is a breakthrough in the use of multimedia files on the website. If you use WordPress for your blog engine, you can

8 Free Health PHP Scripts

Are you looking for free PHP health scripts for developing a web based applications such as online diabetes diet counter, calorie burning calculator PHP

13 Free Responsive jQuery Slider Plugins

For web developers who need a content or image slider for their website project, especially for websites that are designed to be adaptive and