Social Sharing WordPress Plugin by Danny

This new social sharing WordPress plugin by Danny is not just to improve brand visibility trough social media, but this plugin also useful for improving your website performance, because it’s fast, lightweight, simple, small (600 bytes) and no external scripts which can slow down your page load times.

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This plugin will automatically add social sharing button into the end of your posts, you can also add the following PHP function from your template files using shortcode. You can add Twitter, Facebook and Google+ with simple icon on your post and a pop-up functionality to the sharing links.

The buttons are actually plain text links which require NO external scripts. It makes no sense to load over 50 kilobytes of scripts and styles for a functionality 95% of your users will not use.

Social Sharing WordPress Plugin Features

  1. Sharing links for Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  2. Simple icon styles with a hover effect
  3. Simple script of just 600 bytes (not jQuery dependent)
  4. shortcode and a template function
  5. An overridable filter to set the condition for when to display the sharing links.
  6. Translation ready

Social Sharing WordPress Plugin Screenshot

Social Sharing Plugin Details and Download Page

Author : Danny van Kooten

Plugin Name : Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

Documentation :

Download :

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