PHP Scripts Archive

node-php Free PHP Script by davidcoallier

node PHP script by davidcoallier. Node.js interfacing with PHP-FPM through FastCGI, This node.js module is made for the sole purpose of my conference talk.

Sharrre Free PHP Script by Julienh

Sharrre PHP script by Julienh. Make your sharing widget! Sharrre is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create nice widgets sharing for Facebook,

mockery Free PHP Script by padraic

mockery PHP script by padraic. Mockery is a simple yet flexible PHP mock object framework for use in unit testing with PHPUnit, PHPSpec or

sabre-dav Free PHP Script by fruux

sabre dav PHP script by fruux. SabreDAV is a WebDAV framework for PHP,

arc2 Free PHP Script by semsol

arc2 PHP script by semsol. ARC RDF Classes for PHP, Feature-wise, ARC2 is now in a stable state with no further feature additions planned.

Sylius Free PHP Script by Sylius

Sylius PHP script by Sylius. Modern e-commerce for PHP, based on the Symfony2 framework., We're using full-stack BDD methodology, with phpspec and Be.

unirest-php Free PHP Script by Mashape

unirest PHP script by Mashape. Unirest in PHP: Simplified, lightweight HTTP library., Unirest is a set of lightweight HTTP libraries available in multi.

PieCrust Free PHP Script by ludovicchabant

PieCrust PHP script by ludovicchabant. A simple PHP website engine and static file generator.,.

Goutte Free PHP Script by fabpot

Goutte PHP script by fabpot. Goutte, a simple PHP Web Scraper, README.rst Goutte, a simple PHP Web Scraper Goutte is a screen scraping

PHP-FFmpeg Free PHP Script by alchemy-fr

PHP FFmpeg PHP script by alchemy-fr. An object oriented PHP driver for FFMpeg binary, Check another amazing repo : PHP FFMpeg extras, you will

php-image-cache Free PHP Script by nielse63

php image cache PHP script by nielse63. Image Cache is a very simple PHP class that accepts an image source and will compress and

curl Free PHP Script by shuber

curl PHP script by shuber. A basic CURL wrapper for PHP,.

php-diff Free PHP Script by chrisboulton

php diff PHP script by chrisboulton. Thin Wrapper around rbenv for PHP version managment, The logic behind the core of the diff engine (ie,

postmark-php Free PHP Script by Znarkus

postmark PHP script by Znarkus. Postmark PHP class,.

jQuery-Mobile-PHP-MVC Free PHP Script by DevGrow

jQuery Mobile MVC PHP script by DevGrow. A simple PHP MVC framework utilizing jQuery Mobile., All files are released under GPL -